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Subject Line: are you done making excuses? then get this book!
Where are you on your life's journey right now? Have you given up on the dreams you had as a child? Are you at a fork in the road, or maybe at the end of your tether?

It is time to say, "I'm done making excuses. I'm not going to let the past keep me from moving forward.”

When you start to ponder if there's more to life than what you're experiencing right now, you've already made the first step toward attaining something that seemed unachievable just a few moments ago.

Pluck up your courage, let go of your limiting beliefs, and start believing that your dreams are possible. Claim your copy of the "Beyond Limitations" book on Amazon here:
Subject Line: Are you willing to go BEYOND LIMITATIONS?
What hinders you from achieving your goals? Is it the lack of opportunities? Weak family background? Or is it your hesitation to grab the opportunity when it’s presented? You always hear people cry for injustices and how cruel the world is for not giving them “equal” opportunities. However, we are all born different, and we tackle issues differently and interpret lessons from it differently.

But that doesn’t mean our problems are any different. That’s why people get inspired listening to others because they could get past the “barriers” that they failed. They were unable to go BEYOND LIMITATIONS.

That’s why I asked, are you willing to go BEYOND LIMITATIONS?

If you do, start learning from people who succeeded in transcending the limits. The limits that people impose on them—that they can’t do it, they will fail, or they doubt themselves. But when they tried, they succeeded.

YOU CAN BE THAT PERSON TOO! People might doubt you for taking the challenge, and that’s not stupidity! You are brave enough to face the consequences—even if all else fails! Don’t give up!

Start your TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY by getting a copy of the book BEYOND LIMITATIONS and see how others did it!
Subject Line: Here's how you break past the LIMITS! 
To whom do you seek comfort when things go beyond your control?

It is only in crisis, pain, and loss that we call out and pray for a connection to a higher force for comfort and direction

What does this perspective entail? It’s the reliance on an external “force” for comfort. What has despair brought to your life? Are you at a point where you can’t rely on yourself to move forward? The “chains” have thoroughly bounded you.
But here’s a revelation – it is not the end for you yet! Your mind or any external forces made you believe that you can’t break past them. BUT YOU STILL CAN IF YOU BELIEVE.

How do you start? Answer: get your copy of the book and start reading BEYOND LIMITATIONS. You don’t want to miss it out:
Subject Line: How Well Do You Know Yourself?
Have you ever thought…

…about your thoughts?

 Why do some people always seem to have a more positive outlook? Why do some people always seem to have happier emotional experiences?

Have you ever wanted to know how to overcome negative feelings? Do you need help to deal with stress?

Emotions affect every aspect of our lives. They can be the driving force that motivates you, or they can be the main factors that keep you in an inactive state.

In this book, I share everything you need to know about mastering your emotion.

My chapter in the book "Beyond Limitations" explains the enlightening process of self-discovery and shows how it leads to self-sufficiency. I share true-life stories and practical advice that you can apply to your own lives.

When I decided to devote her life to betterment, everything changed.

And you can do it too. How?

Grab a copy of your Beyond Limitations and find out how to better manage your emotions and live a life of abundance! Get it here:
Stephen & Kerry Neander
Subject Line: The Greatest and Most Uncomfortable Adventure Sailing Around the World!
Do you have a goal in mind, or long-term plans and dreams you'd like to put into action?

You know you need a boost, but you're not sure how strong it should be. You may also be aware of the type of thrust you require but unsure of how to obtain it.

That is a feeling we were familiar with. We were aware of it...

It is up to you to take the steps necessary to fulfill your destiny, but life's small details can become overwhelming at times.

It's time to rise above it and live your best life right now!

We have a chapter our new book Beyond Limitations, sharing how we conquered our greatest adventure sailing around the world, pursuing their vision to inspire, encourage, and bring hope to the people they meet.

It was a difficult but liberating process of completing a crucial part of our mission, and worth it in the end.

Grab a copy of Beyond Limitations to discover your dreams and to dream without boundaries:
Subject Line: when life gives you lemons...
I’m sure you have heard the phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." It encourages you to make the best of less-than-ideal situations. Even though some things aren’t expected, good can still come from bitterness.

In life, bad things will happen. This is simply a reality! These negative events can make you feel beat down or depressed, but today I would like to encourage you to see things in a different light.

Check out the book "Beyond Limitations" -- I have a chapter in it! I share how I turned turning lemons into lemonade in 2022:
Subject Line: true transformation
We see the light, a mystery, and divinity of such beauty in each of you that it leaves us breathless. Did you ever contemplate that you, as a human being, are a part of the largest idea Spirit has ever dreamed of itself? Within your human race, a revolution is taking place that has nothing to do with technology or progress.

In truth, it is through your yearning for true transformation and the aching need to return consciously back into the majesty and mystery of your own souls, where true spiritual nourishment may be found, that every one of you is evolving.

Check out the book "Beyond Limitations" -- See how you too can achieve self-discovery and spiritual liberation:
Subject Line: don't handle this on your own (adrenal fatigue)
It sometimes feels like we are alone in life. We have a belief that all of our problems that we carry on our backs would be our forever burden, but this isn't always the case.

There are some things that you shouldn't handle all on your own. You shouldn't be stressing yourself out about everything that would lead to losing yourself during the process, may it be physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Check out Beyond Limitations, with my realizations and lessons I learn during my journey with Adrenal Fatigue:
Subject Line: challenges and devastation
Life isn't always rainbows and sunshine. It will challenge you and try to bring you down. It is something that will devastate you to the point that you would want to give up.

But life isn't always gloomy. We will eventually learn how to pick ourselves up every time we are down. We will learn how to stand up and face the world.

As they always say, God doesn't give you a problem you cannot handle.

Check out Beyond Limitations, where you'll discover how you can fight hard through the obstacles in her life:
Subject Line: Have you ever been lost?
Have you ever felt as if you'd lost yourself, with no needs, desires, or ambitions? Do you feel like you're a complete failure as a result of everything that's going on in your life right now?

What is the best way to get back to yourself?

It is important for things to change. YOU have to change. Nobody could be blamed for the current situation. You must accept full responsibility for yourself, your emotions, and your decisions.

It's amazing how much easier life becomes when you're happy, healthy, and living peacefully.

In the new book "Beyond Limitations"... I share my story of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

I was able to come home to myself when I decided to love and lead myself first. I began treating myself with kindness and setting healthy boundaries. I took care of myself.

Grab a copy of your Beyond Limitations and find out how to live happier and healthier!
Subject Line: grab some opportunity?
How can you be comfortable with what you are good at, and confident with sharing your abilities and skills?

Opportunity knocks on our door from time to time, and we have the option of opening it or dismissing it.

We often know where we want to go, but the best way to get there is vague. Each of us is unique, and having our own blueprint for our path helps in its completion.

The more we are in the place we best fit, the more productive we are and the better the returns for all.

What steps do you need to take to figure out what you're capable of?

I am part of the book "Beyond Limitations" -- where you'll discover you can take one step at a time and gradually build your way up the ladder to personal fulfillment.

Grab a copy of your Beyond Limitations and find out how can you be comfortable with what you're good at and confident in sharing your skills and talents!

Go here now...
Subject Line: A thrilling tale set in World War II

Whenever there is war, there is devastation. Countless lives die, all for the sake of "pride." How many lives should be "claimed" for the fight for supremacy? Big powers carve their own spheres of influence – trying to fit and support smaller countries to fight for them.

However, the key player is not always the "bigger" one. Sometimes, throwing a "pebble" is all it takes to break the status quo.

Get your copy of BEYOND LIMITATIONS as you can jump into this exciting tale and find out how the pebble," Falkirk, became pivotal during World War II!